Energy Management Solutions Services

Design / Engineering - EMS will provide the Design / Engineering for the energy saving recommendations deemed cost effective. The recommended set of plans will include all the operating elements that make up the total electrical / natural gas loads of a facility. This analysis will allow a facility owner to implement all or part of the recommendations as desired.

Project Management - EMS will provide the oversight management of the facilities personnel and or owner's contractor for all or part of the analysis to be implemented.

Installation - EMS and or its associates could provide the equipment and installation proposed in a projects scope of work.

Utility Rate Analysis - EMS will determine the various charges that make up a client's Utility bill, review the accuracy of the various charges and recommend areas that can be managed.

Controls - EMS will recommend controls for the various facility elements as determined by the clients desire to save and or curtail the electrical / natural gas loads. The recommendations vary from controlling the overall facility, to specific areas.

Interior Lighting - EMS, as a company policy, maintains updated information on new lighting technologies that allow its client to benefit by the most cost effective energy saving solutions while not compromising light levels.

Exterior Lighting - EMS will determine a cost effective approach to modifying exterior lighting to determine the most cost effective approach to energy savings without infringing on safety.

HVAC Modification - EMS and associates will provide recommendations for cost effective modifications to an existing HVAC system, so that performance will improve and savings can be achieved.

Power Correction - EMS will analyze the power quality of a facility to determine the power factor provided by the Utility Co. and created by the facility. The analysis will determine if the power quality could be improved to create efficiencies of equipment and energy savings.

Photovoltaic (Solar) EMS will offer a PV analysis that will provide our clients with the ability to stabilize their utility costs.

Co-Generation EMS will provide a Co-Generation analysis that will give stability to an ever-changing utility rate.

Thermal Energy Storage EMS will offer a Thermal Storage analysis that will provide our clients with the ability to stabilize their utility costs.